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1099 NEC 4-Part Tax Form Kit - 2020

Federally approved and compliant, by the premier tax forms provider, Tangible Values Tax Forms. Everything you need to print, mail and file. Includes (3) 1096 forms. 

NEW 1099-NEC form for 2020

Beginning in 2020 the new 1099-NEC replaces most 1099-MISC. Before placing your tax form order, understand what is changing. Best estimates suggest 85% of last year's 1099-MISC should now be form 1099-NEC. Don't get caught with the wrong forms. Check out the video to learn more.

Watch 1099-NEC Video

  • COMPLETE PACK - This package includes envelopes and has everything you need to fill, print, and mail. The 4-part 1099 paper tax forms include Federal Copy A, Recipient Copy B, Payer Copy C, and State Copy C.


  • If you purchase SET OF 25 - This is the perfect package for up to 25 vendors or suppliers. This set includes: 25 1099 Copy A Forms, 25 1099 Copy B Forms, 50 1099 Copy C Payer/State Forms, 3 1096 Summary Forms and 25 Self Seal Envelopes. Free Form Filler Software included in 25 pack. (Software not compatible on MACs and must have Windows 10 or higher)


  • If you purchase SET OF 50 - This is the perfect package for up to 50 vendors or suppliers. This set includes: 50 1099 Copy A Forms, 50 1099 Copy B Forms, 100 1099 Copy C Payer/State Forms, 3 1096 Summary Forms and 50 Self Seal Envelopes. (Form-Filler software not included in 50 pack, but software CD available)
  • Software is compatible with Windows 10 or higher, not compatible on MACs.


  • $18.95 per unit
In stock (235 items available)


1099 form and envelope sets perfect for the small business. All the tools you need in one convenient package. Self-seal envelopes included.

Kit Includes:

  • 1099 Misc Forms
    • Copies: Federal A, Recipient B, Payer/State C
  • Self Seal Envelopes
  • 1096 Transmittal Forms (3)
  • Select kits include form prep software and 5 Free E-file/Print/Mail through Eagle View Filing


All forms compatible with these leading software titles:

  • Abra Software
  • ABS Systems
  • AME Software
  • Axium
  • Boyd Software
  • CFS
  • Creative Solutions
  • Drake
  • MAS 90
  • Optimal Solutions
  • Peachtree Office
  • Peachtree Quantum
  • Peoplesoft
  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Quicken
  • Sage Business Works
  • Sage Compliance Systems
  • Sage Master Builder
  • Timerline
  • Winfiler
  • And many more
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